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Finding the Right Desk for Your Home Office

These days everyone needs desk in their home. It doesn’t have to be a full home office but you will always need a handy place where you keep you computer or laptop. A designated spot where you can sit and fill out paperwork or pay your bills. A desk will just help you feel more organized when you have a designated spot to you your “stuff”.

What type of desk?
There are many different types of desks each with a different style suited to a more specific function.  That’s why before you can decide on the type of desk you need, you need to recognise your expectations of a desk. How will you use your desk? Do you use a computer? If so, is it a laptop or a desktop computer? Where will you put the desk? Do you have a chair for the desk? All of these factors should go into helping you choose the type of desk that will work best for you.


Computer desks are designed for computer work. This piece of furniture is designed to provide a working surface and house or conceal things like computers, laptops or  cabling for office and home-office users comfortably and aesthetically. It may have features like a sliding keyboard tray, storage areas for USBs and cables, as well as ample space to comfortably fit laptops or desktops.

Writing desks are simply that:  a desk with a flat surface for writing. Writing desks are often compact desks and they provide sufficient surface space for writing yet still giving you some elbow room. Sometimes writing desks will also feature drawers or ab area for keeping writing materials and other stationary.

There are so many other types of desks but computer desks and writing desks are the most popular for both simple home offices and students. In many cases, even a smaller narrow table can be an ideal option, especially is cost is a concern.

What is the desk made of?
A desk’s durability and style will directly be affected by it its construction. Consider the following material types:
Wood desks offer a traditional look and a warm feeling. However, solid wood can be heavy and is also prone to warping. So is wood is what you have your heart set on, you may want to consider a wood look.
Laminate desks are typically cheaper than real wood all while still offering a similar look and feel.
Metal desks feature durable construction and give the room an industrial look. Often, desks are a combination of both metal and laminate, giving you the best of both options.

What about the shape of the desk?
The shape of the desk can affect the placement of the desk in your room.  Although corner desks, L-shaped desks and U-shaped desks can offer lots of space and storage options for your computer, books, and files they tend to be difficult to place within a room that is not dedicate as an office. Standard rectangular-shaped desks are the easiest to fit into any room. What size does your desk need to be? Do you need a BIG desk or just something big enough to hold your laptop? But its also important to consider the height of the desk. Finding a desk in the proper size for your height can improve your posture and help to prevent back and neck problems that can be caused by sitting for hours every day. The average height of most desks is a standard 28-30 inches from the ground to the top of the desk, which is the proper height for most people 5’10” to  6’3″ tall.

What about the placement of the desk?
Where will you place your desk? Will be in an actual home office? Will it be in the living room? Bedroom? Basement? Kitchen? All of those places and more are great options for placing a desk but where will work best for you and your needs? Measure. How much space do you actually have available for your new desk. Keep in mind that you want to account for three feet of space in front of the desk for your office chair to move freely. Avoid blocking doors and frequently used areas of the room. If you plan on putting a computer on the desk, you’ll also want to be near an outlet.

What about a desk chair?
Let’s me honest, no one really wants a desk in the living room or bedroom or kitchen for that matter and then adding an office chair just makes it even worse. The best way to make it better is to add a great chair. Any chair when paired with your desk can be considered a desk chair. Style and comfort are key here. You want to add a great looking chair that matches the style, colour and feel of the room the desk is in and it must also be comfortable. Don’t forget that you will often be sitting at this desk for hours at a time, so comfort is key.


You might spend a just a few moments or hours and hours of your day at your desk. Whatever you're working on, a functional desk is crucial in ensuring all of your tasks are completed. Consider the options available to you at Dot Furniture to find the perfect desk to match your style and meet your needs.