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Preserving Comfort and Style: The Guide to Outdoor Furniture Covers
Your patio is an extension of your living space, a place where you unwind and entertain. As the seasons change, safeguarding your outdoor furniture becomes crucial. Enter Dot Furniture's protective patio covers – meticulously designed to extend the life of your patio sofa, loveseats, club chairs, conversation sets, and sectional sets while braving the Canadian elements.

Finding the Perfect Fit: Tailored Protection for Every Configuration
Dot Furniture understands that outdoor furniture comes in various shapes and sizes. That's why their protective patio covers offer virtually every size and configuration imaginable, ensuring a perfect fit for your cherished pieces.

Key Features of Dot Furniture Protective Patio Covers:

  1. Hooded Air Vents: Crafted with hooded air vents, these covers promote airflow, preventing moisture build-up and safeguarding your furniture against mold and mildew.
  2. Elastic Hem or Adjustable Cord: Achieve a customized and secure fit for your furniture with an elastic hem or adjustable cord, ensuring protection against the elements.
  3. Water and UV Coating: The covers are equipped with a water and UV coating, acting as a shield against sun and water damage, preserving the integrity of your patio furniture.
  4. Click Close Straps: Click close straps add an extra layer of security, ensuring your covers stay in place even during strong winds.
  5. Cover Storage Bag Included: Convenience is key, and each cover comes with a storage bag, simplifying storage when not in use.
  6. Material: Crafted from 600x600 Denier Polyester Yarn with PVC Coating, these covers are built to withstand the rigors of the Canadian climate.

Protective Patio Covers: Use and Care Guidelines
Proper use and care of protective covers are as important as investing in them. Only use covers on completely dry furniture to avoid trapping moisture, and refrain from placing objects on top of furniture covers, as this can lead to mold or mildew.

Dot Furniture's covers are rated for use between -35°C to 40°C, making them suitable for all seasons. While covers are recommended for year-round use, it's important not to cover your furniture if it's too hot. Regular cleaning is essential, particularly before covering furniture for the season. Preventing ice, snow, or water puddles from collecting on the cover is crucial to maintaining its integrity.


Cleaning and Maintenance:
Regular cleaning is key to protecting both your furniture and the durability of the cover. Spot wash the cover with a sponge or soft bristle brush using a solution of water and mild dish soap. For tougher stains, a commercial stain remover may be used, following the manufacturer's instructions and spot testing. Avoid machine washing or putting the cover in the dryer.

Elevate Your Outdoor Lifestyle with Lasting Protection
Dot Furniture's protective patio covers are not just practical accessories; they are guardians of your outdoor comfort and style. By investing in these covers and adhering to proper use and care guidelines, you ensure that your outdoor furniture remains clean, dry, and inviting, ready to embrace every season. Shield your outdoor sanctuary, celebrate the changing weather, and let your patio furniture be a testament to both longevity and enduring elegance.




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