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How Tall Should Patio Bar Stools Be?

Finding the perfect bar stool height for your outdoor space sounds like it could be a difficult task. You want to avoid choosing a bar chair that’s too short, too tall, or just not quite right.
The good news is that with a little measuring and preparation, learning how to choose the best bar stool height for you is easier than you think.


Bar Stool Heights
Bar stools are a great alternative to dining chairs and often will serve as patio dining on smaller decks and especially balconies.


The average bar table is between forty and forty-two inches tall. Counter-height tables, like kitchen counters, are typically thirty-four to thirty-six inches high. The typical height of a dining table is approximately twenty-eight to thirty inches. A stool’s seat should be nine to thirteen inches shorter than the counter or tabletop. Most patio bar tables or counter-height dining tables have the same dimensions as indoor furnishings, so the guidelines are the same for indoor and outdoor furniture.

What About the Arms?
Bar stools often vary in height due to their design as well. While the general seat height of the bar chairs may be the same, armless designs may fit completely beneath your table, while armchairs may not. If your bar stools have arms, you may also need the arm height so that you can make sure the seat can slide under the counter.


Measuring Guide
Now you can simply measure the height of your table or counter/bar and choose chairs with the right dimensions for your setup.
Counter Height    Bars 40-42”    Counters 34-36”    Tables 28-30”
Stool Height           Bars 28-33”    Counters 24-27”     Tables16-19”


How to Measure a Bar Counter’s Height
•    Use a tape measure and start from the floor.
•    Pull the tape measure to the top counter.
•    Write this measurement down.
•    Subtract nine to thirteen inches to find your ideal bar stool height.


How to Measure for a Bar Stool’s Height
Using the measurement of the bar counter height, calculate the measurement required for the bar chair. For example, if your bar height is forty-one inches, you should look for bar stool heights of twenty-eight to thirty-three inches. Bar chairs that are shorter or taller might be uncomfortable.


How to Measure a Bar Stool’s Width
Bar stools also have a common seat width, fifteen to twenty-one inches across. Large or extra tall bar stools tend to have the widest seats, which should look natural and well-proportioned when placed at a bar or counter.
While your bar stools’ seat shape may vary, there should always be at least twelve to eighteen inches of knee space between the seat and the wall of the counter. This space allows for enough legroom and for you to sit comfortably.


What is the Best Height for a Bar Stool?
The industry standard for a bar table is forty to forty-two inches high. Using the rule of thumb for bar stool heights, subtracting nine to thirteen inches from the table’s height gives an average bar stool height between twenty-seven to thirty- three inches.
There are some exceptions to this rule. Sometimes patios will have custom built bars and counters installed. You must always measure the bar counter you’re buying stools for before investing in new bar chairs.


What is the Ideal Distance Between Bar Stools?
Knowing how far apart to space your bar stools is almost as important as knowing how tall they should be. The distance will make your entire bar feel generous and comfortable.
Ideally, the distance between bar stools should be about twelve inches between the edges of each bar stool seat. This distance provides sufficient space for maneuvering in and out of the chairs, as well as turning and speaking to the people next to you. This distance is especially important if you choose swivel bar stools.

Paying close attention to table height, chair dimensions and spacing between your bar stools can help you find the perfect height for your patio bar seating. Bar sets are a great way to entertain, relax, and gather with friends. So, enjoy your summer with your new patio bar set!


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