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How to Choose The Perfect Bar or Counter Height Stool

With breakfast bars, dining counters and kitchen parties becoming more popular than ever, bar stools are definitely a kitchen essential. But with so many beautiful stools to choose from, how do you pick the one that is right for you?

Consider The Height
There’s nothing worse than a bar stool that’s too tall or too short. At DOT we carry three types: counter height, bar height and adjustable.

Counter Height Stools - A standard counter height stool measure 24”-26” high. They fit best with standard height kitchen counters and islands that are 36” high.
Bar Height Stools - The standard bar height is considered to about 42” high, therefore the bar stool should measure 29” to 30” high.
Adjustable Stools - An adjustable stool is perfect for bars, counters and everything in between. They will typically measure 24" (or less) to 32" height.


Consider The Style
At Dot Furniture we carry a variety bar and counter stools of many shapes and styles. It’s important to consider both comfort and design when making your choice.  You should consider things like do you want armrests? Does it need to have a back? Do you prefer a swivel? What about upholstery?

Backless - A simple backless bar stool is perhaps the most common design. This stool is perfect if you’re looking to save space and prefer to keep stools hidden under your counter.
Bar Stools with Arms- If comfort is your priority, bar stools with arms are best. They provide support are perfect for a sit-down meal at your counter or for enjoying the company of friends and family while enjoying a drink.
Swivel – The swivel function is convenient because bar stools are often heavy or awkward so the swivel function makes it easier to get in and out of the stool without having to move it
Upholstery – Upholstered bar and counter stools are the best choice when comfort and style are most important to you. They will add a touch of formality to your average counter top dining area.

Consider The Space
When considering your space, the length of your bar or counter is just as important as the height. This measurement will affect how many stools you need for your space. To ensure proper placement there are a couple of things to consider:

Position - Every bar stool should be about 26-30'' measured from the center of one stool to the center of the stool next to it. This will ensure sufficient space for dining and relaxing without elbowing the person sitting next to you.
Legroom – Ideally the bar stool should measure about 9-12” below the bottom of your countertop; this way your knees won’t be bumping up against the counter every time you sit down.

What about the Patio?
Outdoor bar chairs offer the perfect seating arrangement for patio parties. Their simple design, coupled with weather-resistant materials like cast aluminum, resin wicker and sling, make them easy to arrange in a way that maximizes space but doesn’t sacrifice style. If you have an outdoor bar table or kitchen, outdoor bar chairs will provide the perfect seat to enjoy and drink in style and comfort.



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