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Elevate Your Home with Stunning Wall Art

Make your walls more interesting and attractive with wall art, from prints, metal sculptures, wooden wall signs, and hand-painted painting by artists. To make decorating your home easier, wall art comes in all shapes, sizes, styles, and configurations. Keep reading for some helpful tips and tricks about decorating with wall art.

What types of wall art can I choose?

Framed Artwork comes ready to hang with its own frame and protective glass. This makes it easy to choose artwork that has a more finished look to it. Framed art may be hand-painted or printed on paper, which is why the protective glass is essential. Easy to maintain, simply wipe the frame and glass with a clean, soft cloth.

Canvas Wall Art is made of an image that's printed on canvas fabric using high-quality inks. Most canvas wall art is for indoor use only. Canvas wall art is typically gallery wrapped, meaning the piece of fabric is stretched onto and secured onto a frame. Canvases often have durable finishes for durability.

Oversized Wall Art can help create an instant focal point in a room. These oversized art pieces are typically several feet wide and long, so their size alone helps them make a big decorative statement. Oversized art can work well over large fireplaces or above buffets or on a feature wall.

Metal Wall Art has various finishes and colours. Metal wall art typically has a more sculptural effect because its shapes and textures may stick out from your wall. In addition, metal wall art is easy to maintain. Dust it off and restore its shine with a clean cloth.

Wooden Wall Signs are one of the most fun ways to decorate your home or office. Designed with inspirational sayings and beautiful graphics these wooden signs will keep you inspired and make sure smile.

Create Your Own Wall Art Set

You can buy wall art sets commonly known as triptych which is a set of three pieces that either coordinate or have one painting or piece of art divided into three separate canvases. It is possible to achieve this look and still keep your own style but choosing three pieces of wall art that coordinate.
Separating and coordinating the wall art pieces serves to create more visual interest and a provides a more cohesive look. Now you can add similar colours and patterns in the room to get tie it all together and gie it a very designer look and feel.


Interesting Ways to Hang Wall Art:
•    Hang wall art set behind your bed instead of a headboard.
•    Hang a collection of three, or more paintings and wooden signs in a hallway.
•    Hang a collection of three, or more paintings and wooden signs at different levels on the wall of a stairway to resemble the pattern of the stairs.


How to Arrange Wall Art
•    If you're hanging artwork above a piece of furniture, it looks best if it isn't longer than the furniture. About 75% of the furniture piece's length is the right proportion.
•    Hang a single large wall art piece at eye level, or a couple of inches above a sofa or sectional
•    Hang large wall art pieces 2” to 3” apart.
•    Hang smaller wall art pieces 1.5” to 2.5” apart.


There's always a piece of perfect wall art to reflect your style and personality. Wall art is a economical and easy way to create a big change and impact to a room. Take the time to find the perfect wall art that catches your eye and adds that extra umph to your home.




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