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How Do You Pick the Best Outdoor Rug for you Outdoor Space?

Many people use outdoor rugs to add character and style to their patio space. However, with so many different options available, knowing what rug dimensions would work best can be challenging.

Before you start considering different outdoor rug sizes, you’ll need to measure your outdoor space and determine how much space you have available. Knowing the square footage of your patio space can help narrow your search so you can choose the outdoor rug that fits best.

The following size suggestions should give you a general idea of what rugs would work for your outdoor space.

A front porch does more than provide shelter for people entering the house when it's raining or snowing, it’s a welcome space to your home and people’s first impressions. Consider adding an outdoor 5’×7 ‘rug beneath your loveseat, bench or club chairs.

Most balconies are smaller and narrower than your average porch or patio. However, if your balcony is wider than normal, you could use a 5’×7’ outdoor rug under your sectional or club chairs.
On a balcony or porch, an outdoor rug can rest close to the door. Perfect for catching soil, it will help you keep the dirt outside and your feet clean when coming inside. If you have windows or glass doors that enable you to see both spaces at the same time, pay particular attention to make sure the styling of your indoor and outdoor rooms complement each other.

On wood decks, an outdoor rug can reduce the chance of getting splinters in bare feet. The rug will also help protect the wood and the deck finish from getting marred when chairs or tables are being moved.
Depending on the dimensions of your back deck, you might have room for a 6’ round outdoor rug, a 5’x7’ outdoor rug or a slightly larger 7’×9’ option. Spacious rugs like these make excellent foundations for a conversation seating arrangement or a dining set.

Larger Patios
Large outdoor rugs are perfect for grand courtyards and terraces. Roll out an 8×10 outdoor rug for additional softness under your sectional or large dining set.

On the patio, an outdoor rug will help keep the patio furniture from scraping or chipping stone and minimize furniture wobble caused by irregular natural surfaces. Additionally, an outdoor rug adds softness underfoot and provides a cooler surface for bare feet when the sun heats up the patio stones.

What's the purpose of an outdoor rug?
How you plan to use your patio rug can help you choose the right size mat as well. These must-have outdoor accessories serve several practical purposes, and each size of rug brings its own functional flair to your outdoor space.

Divide Your Space
Outdoor rugs can help you divide the space and spotlight each area of your patio. Arrange a 5’×7’ rectangular outdoor rug beneath an outdoor sofa and a circular rug under a round dining table to designate each section.

Protect Your Outdoor Surface
Outdoor rugs typically serve protective purposes on your patio. Many larger rugs help prevent your outdoor chair and table legs from scuffing your wooden deck or concrete.

Protect Your Tender Tootsies
Placing an outdoor area rug beneath your poolside relax seating provides a barrier between your feet and the uncomfortably hot concrete. On a wooden deck, these outdoor rugs also prevent bare feet from accidentally picking up splinters.

Design Your Outdoor Space
Once you decide what size outdoor patio rug would work best for your space, you can select the rug that complements your design, colour scheme and the overall atmosphere of your space.

Its all About the Colour
Adding a colourful rug to your patio is a quick and easy way to refresh and brighten up the space. If you have a neutral conversation set, consider bringing in a bright blue or sunny yellow outdoor rug to liven things up. Or, set the foundation of your grey dining area with a monochromatic pattern patio rug.

Set the Mood
Decorative rugs are great if you’re looking to breathe new life into your patio. Want to evoke a grounded, earthy vibe on your deck? A green patio rug elevates your furniture set, connecting it to the plants and flowers surrounding the space. On the other hand, a rug with a unique motif promotes a refreshing, whimsical feel on your balcony.

Show off Your Decorating Skills
Outdoor rugs are the perfect decor items for letting your inner designer free to shine. Look for contemporary patio rugs with geometric patterns that complement your furniture’s sleek lines for a cohesive look. Break up your layout with abstract-print outdoor rugs that provide contrast against the clean lines and angular design of your tables and chairs.

As the weather changes and you are ready to put your patio furniture away for the season, you can always bring an outdoor rug in and enjoy it inside your home too. So regardless if you will use an outdoor rug as decoration or for a more practical reason, you will soon see that outdoor rugs are an essential home accessory. Have fun creating a summer retreat in your own backyard!




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