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Furnishing Your Home with Creative Seating Solutions

Sometimes you have to get creative when furnishing your home, not just because of space concerns or budget concerns but also for aesthetics. Extra seating is always useful when family and friends come over but how many chairs and sofas can you actually have? That’s why the indoor bench, stool, ottoman, and pouf are some of the hardest working pieces of furniture in your home. They are some of the most usable pieces that double as a quick extra table, seating, or storage and always at home as a place to set your bags when you come in the door or a place to sit to pull on your shoes.

Styles of Benches
Benches of any type come in an array of styles, materials, and colours to fit into any decor or room.

Upholstered benches have seats covered in fabric over a layer of stuffing. These types of benches are generally the most comfortable to sit on and can also allow you to add a little more style with your fabric choice.

Non-upholstered benches and wooden benches have seats without stuffing, foam, or fabric. You can add bench cushions or throw pillows to make them more comfortable. This also provides a great opportunity to change your cushions and pillows with new colours and patterns as the seasons change or if you just want to freshen up the look.

Rustic Benches have a more of a casual country look with exposed wood grains and knots that add more texture and soft detail.

Mid-century modern and Industrial Chic benches often have sleeker, simple shapes. They may look more geometric with straight or gently curving lines that mimic natural shapes.

You can use indoor benches all throughout your home. The simple indoor bench is extremely versatile, functional, and decorative. Other than the most common spot, the entry way and the end of bed, there are plenty of other places to add a bench. Because they are so portable, they can easily be moved from room to room when needed.

What about ottomans?
People usually consider an ottoman as merely something you just propped your feet up on when you wanted to relax. These days, however, ottomans can serve more than just one purpose… extra seating, and as an extra side table.

Are ottomans and footstools the same thing?
The words "ottoman" and "footstool" aren't necessarily the same thing even though they are often used interchangeably. While an ottoman can used as a footstool, an actual footstool is usually a small, low bench or stool that serves the purpose of propping up your feet, reaching high objects, or kneeling. An ottoman is typically multi-functional and can come in a variety of styles. They're usually larger, more stylish, and more versatile than footstools. We love that!

How about a storage ottoman?
It is not possible to have too much storage in your home. That’s why when a piece of furniture also provides hidden storage you know you have a winner! Storage ottomans come in a variety of sizes and depths, so it's important to consider what you might want to keep inside when you make your choices. Deeper storage is helpful if you're planning to store throws or accent pillows. A shallower storage ottoman work best for TV remotes and other small accessories or books.

Can ottomans double as seating or tables?
One thing that makes an ottoman so convenient is that you can also use it as additional seating when you're entertaining. Some ottomans are as tall as standard chairs and sofas, so your guests won't feel as if they're sitting on the floor. An ottoman that serves as additional seating is a smart purchase for rooms, condos, and apartments with less space.

Add a tray and you can use an ottoman as a table when you want to serve snacks or cocktails. Many people choose to use a grouping of ottomans in place of coffee tables to add a bit of softness and coziness to their living rooms. Lets not forget the ottoman coffee table that is also available. These blend the best of both worlds. They feature upholstered tops that match sofas and legs and feet that also match the sofa.  You can style your ottoman just like a coffee table. You can play a game on your ottoman, use your laptop on it, or do anything else you would do on a coffee table.

When choosing an ottoman, consider your own personal taste, seating needs and decor. Ottomans come in a variety of colours and styles, which makes them a great accessory for adding a pop of colour to a neutral room. Consider your storage needs, too, to choose the design that works well in your space.

What about poufs?
Another great idea for creative seating options is the pouf. A pouf is a small, upholstered accessory that's usually round or square cube like and can serve as extra seating, an ottoman or side table. Although not as large as an average ottoman, because its smaller, it doesn’t require much floor space, so you can keep a group of poufs on hand to serve as extra seating for guests. The versatility of the pouf even extends itself to doubling as a  side table, just add a tray to make a dish or glass steady. The best part of poufs is that come in a variety of colours and patterns that add a great variety and texture to your room. Interesting, attractive and functional… who doesn’t want a pouf or three?


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