How to Choose the Perfect Sectional  

Sofas are one of the most important parts of every living room because it creates the foundation for comfort and sets the tone for your space.  One of the best ways to maximize both space and comfort is with a sectional, so it is important that you consider a few design details before investing in a new sectional. 

What is Your Style?  
The first thing to take into account when shopping for sectional sofas is the layout. There are a few design options to consider: 

The Sofa Chaise 
The sofa chaise sectional design has a classic L-shape but is closer in looks to a sofa. This popular design is more compact and is ideal. It’s ideal for condo, town houses or a smaller family room design. The sofa chaise is a perfectly scaled alternative to the L-shaped sectional sofa that fits in any home, and it pairs well with other accent seating, like armchairs and ottomans. Sometimes these can also be Reversible Sofa Sectionals. For those who’d like a little more versatility, a reversible sectional allows you to reconfigure the chaise by simply moving the ottoman to make it right-hand facing or left-hand facing. 

L-Shaped Sectionals 
The L shape is the most common among types of sectional sofas. It’s literally L-shaped, with one side being longer than the other. You can easily float this sectional style in a living room or set it up against a wall. The L-shaped sectional is comfortable and yet still looks polished and sophisticated. 

L-Shape Sofa Sectional with Chaise 
The L-shaped sofa sectional with chaise is an extended version of the L-shape style of sectional, with an additional chaise lounge. This addition of the chaise lounge makes for extra-roomy family seating area all in one piece of living room furniture. Sometimes you can create a chaise lounge from two parts: a side chair and an ottoman. This ottoman can then be moved around to make it most functional for your family and space. The L-shaped sofa sectional with chaise is ideal for large family homes and living rooms with an open plan.  

U-Shape Sofa Sectional Sofa 
This sectional is exactly what it sounds like… It’s U-shaped. A U-shaped sectional is the ultimate sofa sectional for lounging and relaxing. Chaises extend from one or both ends, creating a sofa with three distinct sides. The U-shaped sectional is perfect for media rooms and rec rooms that are primarily for entertaining and TV watching, since it can accommodate many people while still making it easy to have conversations from opposite ends of the sectional. The best part though is that with two chaises, no one has to fight over who gets a lounge seat. 


Modular Sofa Sectional 
Modular sofa sectionals offer the greatest flexibility in style and fit for any living or family room The individual modular sectional pieces can be separated, moved around, and reconfigured again and again.  Because modular sofa sectionals are so flexible, they are the perfect sectional choice for casual spaces, like rec rooms, laidback family rooms, and playrooms. Modular sofa sectionals are also a stylish solution for awkward spaces since they can be pulled apart and placed into corners and along walls. Often the ottoman is part of the sectional and can also be used as a coffee table with eth help of an oversized tray. 


Storage Sofa Sectionals 
Perfect for small spaces, a sectional sofa with storage lets you keep throw blankets and extra pillows close by and handy. Some designs offer a compartment to store remote controls, tablets, and more. Tidying up kids’ toys at the end of the day because a breeze with this storage feature. 

What does LHF and RHF mean? 
“LHF” is an abbreviation of “Left-Hand Facing”. “RHF” means “Right-Hand Facing”. 
To be right- or left-facing means that the arm is on that particular side when you’re facing the sofa – not sitting on it. 

What About Sofa Materials? 

Comfort may be the most important factor when choosing the perfect sofa, but you also want to make sure you’re choosing the right material. Some fabrics are more durable than others. We offer a variety of fabric options for our Canadian custom sofas. The Lanzii performance fabric is 100% polyester and gives you the sophisticated style you want with beauty, softness, texture, and the protection you need against spills and life's other messes. Best of all it is kid, pet, and life friendly meaning that it meets and exceeds durability expectations with many remarkable features like minimal shrinkage or stretching, its breathable, it air dries quickly and stains are easily removed with water alone.  


Don’t Forget to Measure.  
When you are ready to buy a sofa sectional, you’ll need to make sure it fits within your space. Measure the room’s dimensions, including the length, width, and height of the walls. Be sure to also measure the width and height of the doorways leading to the room, since the furniture must fit through them. Once you have a particular sectional in mind, you might want to use the dimensions of each component (length, width, and height) and tape off the measurements on your floor to ensure it’s a perfect fit.  

When choosing the perfect sofa sectional for you, function and form are equally important. You want a sectional that makes you happy with the colours, fabrics, and materials you love but you also want the sectional to be durable, comfortable, and affordable. 

Finding that balance between function and form is what interior design is all about …  and that’s when the fun starts!