2021 Patio Trends

  2021-04-09 at 18:46 pm


Sling is a great choice when furnishing a patio – it’s low maintenance, comfortable without cushions, dries instantly, and it’s easy to clean! Up until recently, the styling of sling furniture has been more on the traditional side. In the last few years, we’re seeing trends change with a higher demand for contemporary, minimalist sling furniture. And it’s not a surprise! Contemporary sling looks and feels high end, and it updates the look of your patio space to make you feel like you’re getting a luxury outdoor experience.




Plank style benches, tables or relax seating are becoming more popular than ever because of the look and functionality you’re able to achieve. Plank-style furniture combines modern and natural features. It has clean, straight lines, however, plank style furniture is traditionally made from planks of wood. While wood is still used in this style of furniture, aluminum has become increasingly popular because of its longevity, resistance to the elements, and its contemporary look. The end result is a contemporary look that brings more natural and inviting elements to your outdoor oasis.




Aluminum will always be a popular choice for outdoor furniture. It is one of the most durable materials that can be formed into beautiful intricate designs. Traditional designs are still very popular, but this year we’re seeing that the look and design from the indoors is making its way outside. This means more simplified structures, cleaner lines, and solid colours.




Natural looking wicker, wood-look or brushed finishes and colour palettes of greys, taupes and beiges are what we are seeing on the rise. These tones and textures can lend themselves to many different styles, and depending on what they are paired with, can have a dramatically different look. Take a natural looking rattan and pair it with light colours – the result is a beachy, bright style. Conversely, a natural wicker combined with darker colours will bring an ultra-stylish and creative look to your space.




During the fall, winter and beginning of the spring months, it can be hard to imagine using your backyard or outdoor space as a place to relax in. However, with the challenges the past year has brought us, we are finding ways to make use of our outdoor space in seasons we previously didn’t. The good news is, it’s completely possible! One way to extend the patio season is to introduce a firepit. It adds extra warmth and bring beautiful ambiance. But even if it’s warm out, lack of day light can also make it challenging to want to stay outside. Adding torches, lanterns or an led parasol is another great way to extend those days with less daylight.




Mixing and matching allows you to create a completely unique and personalized design in your backyard, balcony or outdoor space. This can mostly come from accessorizing – throw pillows, lanterns, cushions, umbrellas, and even dinnerware and placemats. But mixing and matching doesn’t just mean accessories. Mixing and matching collections of similar styling with coordinating frames can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, functionally and aesthetically.

Another way to really get the look and layout you’re aiming for is through modular seating. Modular seating can be anything from deep-seating sofas and chairs, to modular sectional pieces. The best par is that with these types of seating options, you can easily modified the seating arrangement later on down the road for a completely different purpose or style.

By D.O.T. Furniture