Shade Solutions

  2019-06-27 at 19:38 pm


Spending time outdoors is a treasured benefit in the short season of summer. To ensure comfort there must be a balance between sunlight and shade. There are many alternatives to turn to so that family and friends will be able to enjoy the sun in moderation.

This is the perfect way to add shade to a seven, nine or ten-foot area depending on the size. With 71 square feet of shade coverage, this is perfect for dining or lounge sets. Umbrellas are easily transportable to stand alone or in a patio set. There is also an option for auto-tilt creating protection against the morning and afternoon sun. Umbrellas block more than 77 percent of UV rays. Tip: remember to always close your umbrella when not in use.
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The term parasol originally stood for shade protection against the sun whereas an “umbrella” indicates protection from rain. Over time umbrellas have become more useful for shade solutions and parasols have been created with water-resistant materials. Our parasols are generally made from Olefin or Spuncrylic fabric to provide shade and are usually larger than regular umbrellas. They typically do not have a pole in the middle to hold itself up which provides different shapes of canopy and the ability to outfit the ribs with lights, creating the perfect evening ambiance. Most parasols have rotating mechanisms that can rotate 360 degrees. Depending on the parasol of your choosing it may also have the ability to be flexible in different areas. The simple slider mechanism has the ability to change angles depending on the status of the sun using a convenient foot pedal.
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Soft Top Gazebos
Gazebos not only have the perfect shade solution, creating a cozy home feeling but they also have the walls of mosquito netting to keep insects out. Soft top gazebos add that extra sheltered space to any area you want to get out of the sun’s rays. Now you may ask, why choose gazeboes over parasols or umbrellas? Gazebos give a different atmosphere; they can be considered an extension of your house. They can create a perfectly enclosed space outdoors that extends beyond the possibilities of umbrellas.
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Hard top gazebos
This is the ultimate shade solution for sunlight and harsh UV rays but has a variety of other benefits too, ranging from longevity to the atmosphere it creates.

The hard-top gazebos create a comfortable atmosphere where you can transform your space into anything from contemporary to something more traditional. Made from durable galvanized steel, aluminum materials throughout and also features mosquito netting which can serve two purposes: keeping the bugs away, enabling you to enjoy your moment outside for that much longer or creating a romantic setting perfect for you and your loved ones. Instead of having to annually put up and take down your soft top gazebo you can leave your hard-top gazebo outside throughout the seasons to make life that much easier!
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