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Stress-Free Thanksgiving Entertaining

  2018-09-18 at 15:01 pm
  1. Define the colour palette
    Colour is what really makes the fall season come to life. Selecting a colour palette doesn't have to be complicated - simply select 2 to 3 colours to create that warm and cozy autumn ambiance. Here are the most trendy colours this fall:

    Plum, Ochre, Orange, Burnt Red, Olive, Gold, Copper, Grey and Brown.

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  2. Add organic elements
    Transform your table with lush organic elements using artificial plants, flowers or grass. Get creative by fastening artificial flowers together into a garland or create a lushes bouquet!

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  3. Get in the season
    By selecting some seasonal accessories to place around your table or home, you can instantly add that festive look. Take a trip to your local grocery store and pick up gourds and nuts to place around your setting or group together in bowls. Think about other elements that add warmth and charm like lanterns, flameless candles & candle holders, seasonal throw pillows, and wall decor.
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  4. Set the table
    Now it's time to tie everything together by selecting placemats, table runners and a complementary dinnerware set. Stick to your colour scheme but try different materials and textures to complete the perfect look.

    custom imagePLUS! Don't forget...

    Extra Seating! Whether it's extra seating around the dinner table, counter, or extra seating for the living room, don't forget to have enough to accomodate all of your guests!

    custom imageSleeping Over? For those friends or family members that are staying the night (or two), you want to make sure their stay is enjoyable and comfortable. Our sofa beds are the most practical (and comfortable) item for turning any room from an area where you can sit comfortably to a bedroom.

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