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How to Choose Your Perfect Coffee Table

The style of your coffee table will affect the look and feel of your entire living room. Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind when choosing a coffee table for your living room or den.

Form and Function
When choosing a coffee table, function and form are equally important. You want a living room space that is easy to keep organized but also feels like home. You want a space that makes you happy with the colours, finishes and materials you love but you also want your coffee table to be durable, stylish, and affordable. But equally important, you want your coffee table to fit your needs.  
Do you need your coffee table to double as a desk or dinner table? Do you need a kid-friendly coffee table? Do you need just that little bit more storage to stay organized? The way in which you plan to use your coffee table will help steer you in the right direction when it comes to shopping for your coffee table.

Consider how you will use the table when making material choices as some materials will wear better than others.
Natural materials: Natural tabletop materials like wood, stone, or marble are exceptional choices for contemporary living rooms. Marble and stone tops can be more difficult to maintain and can more easily be stained. Wood tabletops are excellent choices for both contemporary and traditional spaces but can also be sensitive to scratching and denting.
Synthetic materials: Coffee tables can be made of many other materials like metal, glass, and resin wicker. These surfaces are often more durable and can come in many different colours and finishes.

Proportions, Shape and Scale
You need to consider the space you are furnishing before you pick your coffee table. For a smaller space, you should not add a large round coffee table, it will only make space look overcrowded. Consider scales and proportions while deciding on the size and shape of the coffee table. Living rooms with large, straight-lined couches a rectangular or square-shaped coffee table work best. Fun and unique shapes like triangles are better able to fit into small spaces or oddly shaped furniture arrangements. Whereas oval and round coffee tables fit in well with sectionals.

Contemporary or modern, traditional or rustic, farmhouse or industrial, transitional or mid-century – you can find coffee and accent tables to suit every style. Industrial farmhouse style solid mango wood to classic designed glass top and stainless-steel cross base coffee tables, you can shop by style that will suit your taste and budget.

Accent, Sofa and End Tables
The fun does not end with a coffee table! Deo your room there is often an opportunity to include end tables or side tables that traditionally are places at the end or beside a sofa loveseat or armchair – hence the name. They make the ideal spot to hold a table lamp and provide a glow to a darker corner. Often the end tables match the coffee table , meaning they are just a smaller and taller version of the coffee table but you could also consider an accent table. Accent tables are often slightly taller than a side table and can prove very useful. Sofa tables customarily are placed behind a sofa either as a way to separate a room or as a way to showcase a beautiful collection or arrangement of collectables.

In the end, your coffee table is more than just a place to set your coffee mug, showcase your coffee table books, and hold your TV remote control. All the tables in your living room should serve a purpose even if that is simply to make you happy!




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