DOT Designer Makeovers - D.O.T. Furniture Limited

DOT Furniture provided the patio furniture and insiration that made The Marilyn Dennis Show's Biggest Surprise EVER... a reality!

Robb & Emily backyard had so much space available, but it lacked any sort of design or comfort. Instead of the flimsy old chairs that seemed scattered around the patio, the Marilyn Team replaced them with DOT Furnitures beautiful Oakville Sectional. Not just great for company, but very comfortable and filled the patio space. The sectional set of your dreams!

Past the patio was a beautiful open space of land! ... with no real layout or design. No worries, the Marilyn Team fixed it up with some new granite which laid out the colour scheme of the backyard. To replace Robb & Emily's cardboard box and old resinwicker chairs, they put DOT Furniture's Toronto Resinwicker Dining Set, featuring the beautiful tempered glass table top. The dining table perfect for meals or simple get-togethers.

An adorable Café set with matching cushions. Great when having your coffee in the morning. 
Two Oakville Armchairs with a Sidetable along the edge of the backyard. Time to read in the shade!


 DOT Furniture designer makeovers, taking your backyard and making it new & stylish again.

This month, our lucky DOT customer had their backyard redone. With open spaces and a lovely pool, there was so much potential. Check out what we did!

In the corner spot of the backyard, there was this beautiful shady area, but with the blank space it looked empty and lacked personality. Because of the shape of the area, we decided to put DOT Furniture's Cameron Sectional, with red cushions that would pop out and add a spark of color. Included is our Firepit, which is great at nights with the family or when friends are over! Can we say S'mores please? 


The second you enter the backyard, you got greeted by a small dining set with too much space on the porch. It was a set of six but it looked so tiny and uncomfortable! There weren't even any cushions! We got rid of that set and replaced it with a brand new DOT Furniture Reel Weave Dining Set, with bright red cushions, place mats and a parasol. It fills the space and gives the area a brand new look. Stylish, cozy and a great atmosphere!
At the back of the pool, there was a bunch of clutter that could have been an otherwise cozy spot to sit back and enjoy the pool. We got rid of a lot of that junk and added DOT Furniture's Bask Lounge Set, with a red parasol to match the colour scheme of the backyard. What a great spot for our customer to relax and read by the pool!

In this space by the backyard, they had an old, flimsy white lounger with white furniture next to it. We had to get rid of the lounger and replaced it with not one, but three DOT Furniture Red Sunshine Loungers! Now that grass is filled and is perfect for company to come over and relax.