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How to Choose the Right Cushions and Pillows

  2019-06-11 at 18:39 pm


Step 1: Measure!
If you are shopping for a seat cushion, it can be so easy to just choose one that you think looks like the correct size. In reality, when you get home and put those cushions on, they do not look right. These preliminary steps to finding the right cushion may be tedious and boring but are essential to finding the perfect cushion!! 
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Step 2: Establish your colour palette
There are three simple things to consider when doing this: Temperature, "Tone, Tints & Shades" and Intensity of colour.

Temperature - Choose your palette to be cool or warm. Cool temperatures include blueish hues and warm temperatures include reddish hues.
Tone, Tints and Shades - As an easy guide, you can follow these rules:

Add black to a colour to get a shade.
Add white to a colour to get a tint.
Add grey to a colour to get a tone.

Adding shades to a space can darken the space where it’s needed, while alternatively adding tints to a space can lighten it. Tones are great for when you want to mute the colour scheme, making a more neutral setting.

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Intensity - This is the brightness or dullness of a colour! intensity can help you put focus on areas that mean the most to you!

Using these three things together can be a colour trifecta!
Step 3: Consider the material
In addition to the colour and size, adding different textiles into the mix will give your patio the spunk it needs to come alive. Adding these different materials can accentuate other materials and key pieces in the room to amplify its quality.

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Material is also important depending on what your expectations are for your cushions. Sunbrella is top-of-the-line for UV, water and mildew resistance, but is also more expensive. Materials like Olefin and Spuncrylic are less expensive alternatives and have similar benefits – they are resistant against the elements, but may fade faster and have a rougher texture. Outdoor Polyester is our most affordable option, and while the colour may not stay vibrant for as long, the selection of patterns and ability to switch these cushions so effortlessly can make it a very strong option. 

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