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Retro Revival

  2018-11-09 at 21:38 pm

Retro trends have returned! We see them reappearing in fashion all the time, but now we're seeing them pop up all over in the latest trendy furniture. Why do people love retro so much? Well, even if you weren’t born during this era, retro brings everyone back to a time where everything was a bit slower, more natural and the styles were very novel. Here is our list of the top retro furniture trends that are making their way back!

1. Faux Velvet
Velvet fabric is soft, rich and brings depth to what ever colour it is in. This plush fabric is taking over homes, but don't worry, you can most certainly start small with accents like pillows or ottomans.

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2. Prints
Polka dots, cow print, stripes, geometric patterns - you name it. To create a more sophisticated look, opt for one or two prints and stick to simple colours and designs OR go all out with many patterns and glamourous accessories.

custom imagecustom image  custom image

3. Retro Faux Leather
Retro faux leather or suede has a little more of a washed out and/or worn appearance. It easily creates a vintage vibe and has endless applications.

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4. Retro Colours
Adding retro colours to your space is an easy way to create the sense of a retro era. Look for less saturated colours that are more "flat", like teal, plum, mustard, brick and blush.

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5. Retro Design 
Retro design is very broad, but we are specifically referring to designs with simple shapes, that are functional and make use of a combination of materials.

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